Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Exam Time!!!!

First Exam

Learning from skin care to eyebrow shaping till the next thing i realized.. EXAM!!! Gosh, i've never been so nervous in my whole life. Probably it's because i wanted to score high marks more then anything else i wanted in life during that moment. Mind you, I was working part time at Guess Boutique, Pavilion. Juggling work and study at the same time is NOT easy at all. I repeat it's NOT easy! So people, my advice is-study hard in school while you have the opportunity to do it. I failed to do that and i regret. BUT. Life MUST go on..


Anonymous said...

OMG, when was this taken, couldn't recognise you,looking much slimmer here.

Cym said...

lol.. yeah i lost weight. too much pressure from the exam at that time i guess. plus, i was workin and studyin back then :P